At re:source, we create beautiful, effective moments that inspire and impact.

Our quest is to design wonderful experiences. We probe the depths of psychological, biological and cultural research to create products that span the gap between art forms and the real world. We believe beauty and marketability are synonymous and pride ourselves on finding value everywhere.

Our team is made up of designers, developers, artists, psychologists, writers, and scientists. Everything we do is custom built and your experience will be too.


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featured design:

Spun is a public relations firm that crafts campaigns on a bespoke basis. As such, they wanted a web presence that represented their originality with an “on concept” idea that was classy yet playful.

We gave them an interactive train board with spinning letters and a sliding set of transitions that put their message front and center and gives the users a satisfying, dynamic experience.

featured development:

Collaborating with outside designer, Chelsea Olson, we implemented a full website for the video production company Fill in the Blank Media and another for the sister company, Artemis Film.

The development includes an easily accessible backend for managing the site, automatic serverside video transcoding, thumbnail generation, and image resizing for a seamless internal and external user experience.

featured visualization:

The Hyperengine is an n-dimensional rendering engine in javascript and HTML5 canvas.

Being n-dimensional means that it can render 3-d shapes, but also shapes with any number of dimensions. To the left is a tessarect (a 4-d cube).